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Road Design Essay Example for Free

Road Design Essay Due to the fast development of many countries like Japan, there is a significant increase in number of manufactured vehicles and these vehicles may come from different prices that can be purchased by any people. But this increase had been responsible on the formation of the word traffic which means congested vehicles in the road. Traffic is the term used by many of us when experiencing jam packed vehicles where there is no or little movement of this mobile medium. Traffic happens in every street in the world even those industrialized countries. It is often observed on crunch time like seven o’clock in the mourning or five in the afternoon because these are the time of the day when people are mostly in the street to go to office, school or go to their houses (Ewing, 2001). It is not only the motorists sector that can be blame because of traffic jam because there are many factors to be considered why traffic jam occurs in the road. One factor to be tae into consideration is the road. It is self explanatory because this is where vehicles go by. For this paper, we will try to look on the road factor that can be a solution on traffic jam. Moreover, the design of road will be taken into consideration which has the main objective of lessening traffic situations. METHODOLOGY Road design will cover all the necessary procedures that will lead not only to comfortable and safe driving but also giving a solution on traffic calming (Ewing, 2001). First to tackle in this paper is the engineering factor. To construct a road, the foundation or soil must be firm enough to stand the compression stress brought by the weight of vehicles. Survey must be conducted first prior to the construction of the road to ensure strength of the foundation. If the ground is not stiff enough to stand the compact force, the road maybe damaged compromising the quality of the constructed road. If this happens, then traffic may arise because vehicles may not pass the road in a better and nicer route (TAC, 1999). The next factor that is part of the design is the materials to be used in the construction. It is very important to consider that the materials must comply with the national standards. This is to ensure the quality and safety factor of the newly constructed road. The road must be wide enough to facilitate the volume of vehicles passing a particular road. After the road has been constructed, the next part to be discussed is the road signals. These signs ease the flow of traffic because these are steps to follow for a harmonious flow of vehicles in the road. It is very important to remind the motorists that these road signs are not useful if motorist will not obey these road signs (The Korea Transport Institute, 2006). Put a board sign that specify the name of the roads and streets so that drivers can follow the directions thus minimizing confusion among the drivers. The information that are very important in a sign boards are, the name of the street, the distance from a place to another place, directions of intersections and other sign like no parking, no jaywalking and many others. The sign board are located in such a way that every driver whether the driver has big or small vehicles, see to it that it can be seen by the driver’s naked eye. It can be situated on top of a post and being hanged. Signs are also present in the road itself. These sign, that are mostly painted, guides the motorists or in somehow communicate to have a fast flow of traffic and improving the safety factor. These pavement markings must comply with the set of standards to minimize confusion on drivers (The Korea Transport Institute, 2006). Stoplights must be present in any road especially on intersections. This is to signal the vehicles from a given route to stop, go or get ready. But most traffic incidences can be observed on intersections because there are four opposing routes that goes in just one passage. One solution for this problem is the construction of a flyover that will facilitate a one pair of route. We know that there are four routes that want to pass an intersection, but in flyover, the four will be grouped into two making the four groups into two only. In this way, traffic will be minimized. And the last factor is the design of allocating different kinds of vehicles to behave in the street. There are public utility vehicle that transport public people from place to place. When loading or unloading their passengers, there must be a specific place where the driver can do these and not anywhere in the road (The Korea Transport Institute, 2006). The design of road just not only covers the physical or engineering aspect but more importantly are the laws that will favor the good flow of traffic and safety. These laws include, not allowing motorists to park their vehicles in the street. This will create a narrow road for the passage of other vehicles. There must be a strict enforcement so that motorists will obey traffic rules (TAC, 1999). ANALYSIS OF DATA After constructing the road and has the characteristics presented from the previous paragraphs, the next thing to do is to analyze the traffic condition. This is to determine whether the road achieved the main objective of this study which is to lessen traffic. For the data gathering, one must observed the road in terms of number of vehicles that was able to pass by on the road. The time of observation must include crunch time which is seven in the morning and five in the afternoon. The observation must be done everyday for one month. The data gathered must be compared to standard which determine whether traffic occur. FORMAT For the format of the result and discussion, the raw data must be presented first. In this part, some statistical analysis may be included to increase the reliability of the result of the study. The result and discussion part will include the data from the start of the study until the last day. There must be also a comparison between a road that was not constructed in accordance to the characteristics above and a road the followed all the factors above.

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