Monday, February 10, 2020

To what extent was religion behind the successes of the great Arab Essay

To what extent was religion behind the successes of the great Arab conquests of the seventh and eighth centuries - Essay Example The importance of this particular research question is contingent upon the role of Islam in a geopolitical sense; arguably something that has a great deal of relevance within the current era. Yet, beyond this, the cultural dynamics and importance of Islam as not only a faith but as a strategic cornerstone of how the Islamic Empire was able to spread an experience early victories is a further component of the research that this particular author seeks to shed a level of light upon. As will be denoted within the forthcoming discussion and analysis, it is the strong and overarching belief of this particular analyst that the religion of Islam played a pivotal and fundamental role in the rapid success and expansion of the Islamic Empire. Both through an analysis of primary and secondary texts, the reader can infer that without the norming influence of the Islamic religion and culture, such an Empire would have never held together; nor have been able to threaten the existing structure of p ower that existed within these regions at the time in question. Likewise, rather than analyzing the role and influence of the religious aspects of Islam on the formation, durability, and strengths of the Islamic Empire throughout all of history, the discussion and analysis that will be presented within this particular research will be solely contingent upon the first several decades after Mohammed came in full control of Mecca and Medina; essentially christening the dawn of the Islamic expansion and the creation of a geo-political movement that would culminate in empire building. The cornerstone of the argument for the importance of the Islamic religion with respect to the spread of the early Islamic Empire ultimately is contingent upon the issue of culture. As one might expect, seeking to define something as complex and overarching as Islamic culture is in and of

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