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Confidentiality And Confidentiality Of Confidentiality Essay

Introduction Confidentiality is considered a core value or principal in the medical practice. Confidentiality is a right that all people have within the medical field. This is the requirement of health care providers to keep a person’s information exclusive unless the patient or the person consents in the form of a release to share that information with other people that practice. Usually the consent is given when a doctor wants to consult with a different doctor for example. In this case it would be for the betterment of the person. When it comes to confidentiality there are rules that one has to follow in order to abide by the person’s rights. Using caution when talking to others about the client who want to obtain information that they are not at liberty to have. An example of this would be someone claiming to be a patient’s friend wanting a room number in the hospital to go visit them. Confidentiality is a very delicate situation in the practicing field of professionals. Literature Review Confidentiality can still be a problem, especially in a world filled with technology. When you can click a button and all a clients’ information and history is sitting waiting in the inbox. The further that society progresses the more people rely on the technology. Technology has pros and cons, but could using it to directly work with patients or clients be a breach of confidentiality? According to a study done by Marian Mattison â€Å"Many known ethical and legal threats to clientShow MoreRelatedConfidentiality And Confidentiality Of Confidentiality1632 Words   |  7 Pagesprovide education on the laws and understanding of confidentiality, because the health care environment is always changing. To better prepare all staff for the risk of exposing a client’s confidential information without consent. Even though a client’s privacy is protected by law, the confidentiality agreement can be breached, that is why it is important to protect a client’s informa tion from being misused. Where there are many risks involving confidentiality, there are ways of protecting and preventingRead MoreConfidentiality : Confidentiality And Confidentiality1161 Words   |  5 Pages Understanding Confidentiality Brooke S Bentley Liberty University â€Æ' Abstract Confidentiality is one of the most important, complicated and expected parts of counseling. Counselors and clients view confidentiality as an unspoken given, it is sometimes not discussed but expected. Counselors should always explain to a client reasons in which they may be required to break confidentiality. Confidentiality laws can vary from state to state so a counselor should always be aware and up to date on thoseRead MoreConfidentiality And The Common Law Of Confidentiality846 Words   |  4 Pagesto discuss confidentiality. The common law of confidentiality says that people have a right to expect that information given to a healthcare professional is only used for the reason it was given but also that it will not be disclosed without permission (The nursing times, no date). The important concept is of trust, without which no relationship can develop or be sustained between a patient and a nursing practitioner. Baillie and Black (2015. p27) stated that in practice, confidentiality is a legalRead MoreDealing with Confidentiality1028 Words   |  4 PagesWITH CONFIDENTIALITY Bioethics Name of Student School Ethical Implications Despite the lack of a consistent understanding of the meaning of privacy, the Privacy Rule remains a time-honored and a universally accepted norm in the handling of personal health information (Nass et al, 2009). Privacy involves the collection, storage and use of a patients personal information and determines who has access to the information and the conditions to that access. It guarantees confidentiality and securityRead MoreConfidentiality And Confidentiality On Standards For Career Professionals Essay810 Words   |  4 Pagesprofessionals, the two most important are confidentiality/privacy and professional responsibility. Confidentiality/Privacy Confidentiality/privacy are critical in counseling. The communication between the client and the counselor must stay confidential, unless client intends to harm self or others or legally information is needed for the court system (Capuzzi Stauffer, 2012). The National Career Development (NCDA) discusses the limitations to confidentiality in standard B.1.d (NCDA, 2015). A careerRead MoreConfidentiality in Counselling1791 Words   |  8 PagesDENISE AMPS November 2006 Essay on ‘Confidentiality’ CONFIDENTIALITY IN COUNSELLING Confidentiality in counselling means, to me, providing a secure, trusting relationship with a client who knows that, within certain limits, he or she can speak to you about anything at all in the knowledge that whatever has been said will go no further. It is an intrinsic and imperative part of the trust that is required to develop a good working relationship between a counsellor and their client. Read MorePatient Confidentiality1042 Words   |  5 Pages10). As nurses we have a duty to â€Å"†¦maintaining privacy (protecting them[patients] from undue intrusion), and confidentiality (by the discreet management of information about themselves [patients] that they share with us)† (Price, B. 2014). Stake holders, hospitals, nurses, the patient and their families all depend on the ethical implications of patient privacy and confidentiality. Lose of accreditation, fines by JACHO, lawsuits from patients; loss of professional license, criminal chargesRead MorePatient Confidentiality Essay926 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient confidentiality is a fundamental practice in healthcare and it is integral part of healthcare ethical standards (Purtilo Dougherty, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics â€Å"the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information† (Nursing world, p.6). Also, when a patient confidentialityRead MoreUnit 1 Confidentiality1000 Words   |  4 PagesLegislation and Policies Governing Confidentiality and the Sharing of Information: Data Protection Act 1998 Any organisation that holds information on individuals needs to be registered with the Information Commissioner. This is designed to ensure that confidential information cannot be passed onto others without the individual’s consent, or the parents or guardians consent with regard to children. Individuals also have the right to access personal data held on file about themselves, or inRead MoreConfidentiality in Nursing Practice826 Words   |  4 PagesThe Importance of Confidentiality in Nursing Practice This essay will discuss why confidentiality is important within nursing practice and the reasons why a registered nurse and student nurse are accountable and to whom they are accountable to in relation to patient care. It will further discuss patient’s rights in relation to law. Definition of Confidentiality, Bailliere’s Dictionary

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